HyperX Pulsefire Mat - Gaming Mouse Pad - Cloth (L)


  • "Flush
  • anti-fray stitching"
  • "Durable surface
  • highly-tuned for precision"
  • "Comfort and stability"
  • "Variety of size options"
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Optimized for durability and precision tracking.

The HyperX Pulsefire Mat Gaming Mouse Pad is built for durability and precision tracking with a highly optimized surface and anti-fray stitching. With an anti-slip rubber underside and comfortable padding, you can enhance your gaming and your comfort. The flat surface provides a smooth, consistent mouse glide and it rolls up for easy portability. Pulsefire Mat is available in a variety of size options to accommodate for different play styles and space requirements.

Flush, anti-fray stitching

Durable surface, highly-tuned for precision

Comfort and stability

Variety of size options

Seamless, anti-fray stitching

The seamless anti-fray stitched edges provide resistance to daily wear and tear.

Densely woven cloth surface tuned for precision

Get a smooth, consistent glide thanks to the precision surface. It’s designed to be durable, rollable, and portable.

Anti-slip rubber base and comfortable padding

The textured rubber underside grips tight to keep the mousepad in place during gameplay. Play comfortably on the soft cloth surfaced with inner foam padding.

Variety of size options

Pulsefire Mat is available in medium, large, extra-large, and double extra-large sizes to ensure that it fits into most desk styles and space requirements.