HyperX Caster

Official launch in February 2024

The HyperX Caster Microphone and Webcam Mount
integrates seamlessly into the equipment of streamers and content creators.
It offers tool-free installation for easy assembly. No need to desperately search for the right screwdriver or wrench to make a simple adjustment. You'll love the smooth, internal spring-loaded movement, perfect for positioning your microphone or webcam* exactly how you want it. The HyperX Caster model offers much more than support for
your equipment: with its practical integrated cable management, your
wires will be well organized and hidden.
* Resistant to the weight of webcams and microphones up to 1 kg

Tool-free installation and adjustment

Easy to assemble and adjust

No more frustration of not having specific tools or wrenches on hand! You can mount, adjust and reposition the HyerpX Caster support without any tools. Easy-turn handles make adjusting and positioning your mic or webcam simple. Everything is more convenient with fingertip adjustment.


Compatible with most microphones and webcams

The HyperX Caster mount is the perfect accessory for your microphone and webcam! The mounting screw with 3/8" thread is compatible with most USB and XLR microphones available on the market. The included 5/8" and 1/4" adapters expand the possibilities for using a greater number of microphones and webcams up to 1 kg.

Easy repositioning with smooth 360° rotation

Quiet, stable, solid

The HyperX Caster's internal spring mechanism ensures smooth and stable positioning. Useful for placing your microphone or webcam where you want it. With a maximum reach of up to 36 inches, the HyperX Caster Mount is the perfect practical addition to your recording setup.

Integrated cable management

Clutter-free cable management

Say goodbye to the jungle of cables connected to your devices. The HyperX Caster Stand's built-in cable management channels keep your microphone or webcam well organized and clutter-free on your desk. Two separate sections stabilize the connection of USB or XLR cables, while providing the flexibility to rearrange your space when recording.

1 Resistant to the weight of webcams and
microphones up to 1 kg

2 XLR cable not included

3 Microphone and webcam not included

< p>4 Based on internal HyperX analysis
based on all microphone mounts available on the market as of
January 11, 2024