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The rebirth of a legend…

Le confort est Roi

To take the lead in the competition, you must rely on a steely concentration in the heat of the moment. The HyperX Cloud III headset with HyperX signature memory foam is the perfect ally! Its pleasant comfort is ideal for eliminating the slightest discomfort, and ensuring determination and concentration over prolonged gaming sessions. The comfortable fit of the headband with enhanced padding lets you keep your attention on the fight.
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Custom design for impeccable sound

Gone are the mediocre sound effects. Prepare for more immersion with spectacular clarity in every shot, explosion, or dialogue. The Cloud III's 53mm drivers are precisely designed to deliver impeccable audio quality in video games. Tilting the speakers refines the precision of the sound, directing it directly into your ears at an optimal angle.
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Audio spatial DTS® Headphone:X®

Get ready to rediscover sound immersion on a whole new level with Cloud III enhancements. Immerse yourself in the heart of the action in a virtualized 3D audio space more realistic than ever. Improved sound localization is a revolution for snipers. By hearing every step and shot coming in your direction, you will gain the sonic advantage over your competitors.
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Clear-sounding microphone with activation LED indicator

The detachable microphone goes even further than its predecessor HyperX Cloud II, providing crystal-clear communication without frustrating interruptions for solid cooperation. That's not all: its indicator light tells you when the microphone is muted. With the noise-canceling microphone combined with the internal pop filter, your team will be able to focus on the mission instead of troubleshooting technical issues. Goodbye to cuts in action, make way for ultimate responsiveness.
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New Cloud III Gaming Headset – FAQs

1. What are the differences between the HyperX Cloud III headset and the Cloud II model?

The HyperX Cloud III headset contains all the fundamental elements of its predecessor, known for its characteristic comfort, durability and sound quality . Its improvements make it an accessory suitable for the new generation of games and players. The padded headband and HyperX memory foam ear cushions made from pleasant leatherette provide a stable and comfortable fit, ideal for long gaming sessions. The new improved and angled 53mm drivers provide an optimal listening experience. The 6mm microphone inherited from Cloud II increases to 10mm to deliver crisp audio. The headset adds integrated audio and mic controls, as well as an additional USB-C connection option.

2. Does the HyperX Cloud III headset have surround sound?

The HyperX Cloud III headset features DTS® Headphone:X® spatial audio. Placing elements in a virtualized 3D audio space amplifies immersion in the game. Improved sound localization reinforces the sensations of snipers who benefit from more precise indicators, such as footsteps or gunshots, until the whistling of bullets.

3. Is the HyperX Cloud III headset cross-platform compatible?

Yes! The HyperX Cloud III headset is compatible with PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

4. What connectivity does the HyperX Cloud III headset offer?

This headset provides cross-platform connectivity with a 3.5mm connection, as well as USB-C and USB-A options via the included USB drive.

5. What is the microphone type in the HyperX Cloud III headset?

The HyperX Cloud III headset offers a 10mm microphone incorporating a metal mesh pop filter to attenuate stop consonants. In addition, its practical indicator clearly indicates when the microphone is muted.

6. Does the Cloud III include any built-in buttons or controls?

This next-generation headset offers simple, convenient audio controls. You can adjust the volume and mute your mic from the headset body. Allows access to system menus to adjust general volume settings.