HyperX USB-C Coiled Cable Gray


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Connect with style.

The durable HyperX Coiled Cable comes in a variety of colors so you can express yourself and fine-tune the details of your setup. Don’t just connect your keyboard, get attached to it with 6 vibrant colors to match your style. The tough, dual-layer cable is not only super durable, but the coiled design can also help reduce desk clutter.

Aesthetically appealing coiled cable

Compact coil reduces clutter

Classic look with a solid connection

Durable dual-sheathed cable

Compatible With most USB-C Keyboards

Add style to your setup
When it comes to customization, attention to detail can be the difference between dazzling and drab. Ditch the boring standard cables and give your setup a pop of color.
Coiled design reduces clutter
Instead of having to tie off your cables or painstakingly route them, a coiled cable can reduce some of your cable clutter with minimal effort.
Classic look with a solid connection
The HyperX Coiled Cable uses a USB-C to USB-A connection and features a quick detach 5-pin aviator connector.
Designed for durability
This cable features a dual-sheathed design that delivers excellent durability and flexibility.